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Thursday, January 10, 2008

WoW Gold Secrets - Making Gold Off Selling Sets

Sets are another great way to pull in money. You can sell profession sets, or even drop sets (those like the Twill Set). The only way you will make money off of these though is if you complete the full set.
People don't want to go through the work of farming the set out or waiting to buy and collect the full set. Listing sets on the auction house wont work either. You will have to manually trade these to players.

That leaves you the ability to price them yourself. I usually like to throw in a vanity weapon, usually like the Kobold Mining Shovel and price it higher. I usually sell the twill set for around 35g, 42g if I got the Kobold Shovel. You can collect the twill set while you do other types of grinding, or even grouping. Anything that totally transforms someone's outfit. Making them look like a farmer, a fisherman, a ninja, making tuxedo's, these are all good idea's to sell off.

Professions also come with "self made" sets. Anything that has matching names for each part of the set. For instance there's a Black Mageweave set. If you buy a paid strategy guide, then they will give you an entire list of self made set's.

By creating one of these full sets, you can sell them off. Sometimes you will get people who are leveling to buy the full set, thinking it would be a great idea to get a package deal.

Mainly these just sell to people trying to collect a "wardrobe" of items for their character. I guess they like to have a change of clothes. I really don't understand that, but I will gladly take their money! You should too.

An example of a set item - the blood elf bandit mask...

The Blood Elf Bandit Mask is a mega-vanity item. Its selling huge right now because it's not "very easy" to farm, and it can be used by all factions, all classes! It's just a mask that looks good on characters. I got this item on a character. I got lucky and got it on my first drop. However I would wear it on that character just for the looks. I would get about 15-20 messages from people asking to buy it from me. I didn't want to sell it!

This item sells for about 45-50g a pop. It's a very simple to farm you just have to have a little patience and know exactly how. I detailed a map below of the possible spawn points and how to farm it. It's very easy! The mob is a very low level so ANYONE can farm this.