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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WoW Armory fixed for now

For those whose characters weren't updating or showing up at all, you'll be happy to hear that the promised fix to the Armory has been implemented today. However, CM Eyonix warns that it may take "some time" for all characters to update.

It's been interesting to see how this Armory downtime has affected gamers. You'd expect frustration from not being able to check on your toon's equipment, reputation or talent build from outside the game, but there was also all the other ancillary activities that rely on the Armory.

Everyone's favorite new gear planner,, came to a standstill. It's still not up to speed yet (at least not on my main, which is finally showing up on the Armory.) Many signature generators either stopped updating or broke entirely. And our Raid Healing columnist, Marcie Knox, had to make level 1 alts on different realms to inspect gear of cross-server guild applicants.

The tentacles of the Armory spread deeper than we may have thought.