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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sprawl's Scrawl - Addon Spotlight: XLoot

The addon of the week this week is called XLoot. Instead of three items per page in the standard loot window, XLoot resizes the loot window to show all the items. It highlights items of value with a colored border, and will even mark BoP items appropriately. XLoot basically substitutes a new window for the loot frame whenever you loot a mob, open a chest, disenchant a item, or even open a clam.

This new window will resize to the amount of loot on the mob, and will shrink with every item looted. The new window can be dragged if not lock and it will position itself beneath the mouse every time view it. When you loot a item with smartsnap on, it will move the window so your cursor is over the next item without moving the frame from side to side, which is much easier on the eyes. XLoot can also help protect you from missing valueable loot or accidently picking up a bind-on-pickup item. If the qualityborder is on, the frame border will be colored according to the rarest loot item. Even more options are available through typing "/xloot" or right-clicking the XLoot frame.

Most of the benefits of running XLoot are visual. However users of XLoot do get the benefit of a quick link button that is great for raidleaders. With a single click, all the items in the corpse (above a certain preset quality threshold) will be announced on any and all channels of your choice. This can be great for showing off, but be careful, too much spamming can annoy.

Download the latest version here.


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