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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crazy WoW Gold farming spot - netherstorm, level 70

Whether you are looking to rapidly advance your reputation with the Aldor or just make some decent gold, you should try the Arklon Ruins (42,71) located southeast of Area 52 in Netherstorm. This is a must-grind area for those looking to gain reputation with the Aldor, but is also a sweet spot to farm gold and Motes of Shadow.

Here you should focus on two mobs: Artifact Seekers and Felblade Doomguards. You will not believe the amazing drop rates these two mobs have for:

Mark of Sargeras drop: 36.1%-56.1%
Fel Armament drop: 1.8%-3.6%
Mote of Shadow drop: 23.8%-49.6%

As you can see from the WowEcon data, when sold in bunches these can be worth quite a bit of gold in the Auction House. Although it appears there is a general decline in the value of Marks of Sargeras, 75 silver is still not bad if you are able to sell 100 at a time. Mote of Shadows would appear to not be worth much, but remember they are used to make Primal Shadows (WowEcon Wowhead), which are worth 10 times as much.

The real winners here appear to be the Fel Armaments: appropriate given their drop rate. They are rare, but every time one drops it?s as good as having 12-15 gold deposited to your bank.


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