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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WoW Warlock Macros

By Ahriman

Hi ive been searching around and I realized that we do not have a macro specific thread, so I thought i might make one, because I use macroes alot to uptimize my gameplay :)

I think that good preparation is what makes an outcome of a battle, so first the "passive" macroes :)

This is quite good to have in the preparation time before the Arena starts, it's very fast to buff and quite easy. For selfbuffing just spam the button, for buffing other, select a friendly target and hold Ctrl while spam the button

/castsequence reset=N [nomodifier, target=player] Soul Link, Fel Armor, Detect Invisibility, Unending Breath /castsequence reset=N [modifier:ctrl] Detect Invisibility, Unending Breath

This is good for raiding and Arena, hold Alt to create single Healthstone, hold Ctrl to create a Soul well.

#showtooltip Master Healthstone /Use [nomodifier] Master Healthstone /cast [modifier:alt] Create Healthstone /cast [modifier:ctrl] Ritual of Souls

This is a macro to create, equip and use a Spellstone in one macro.

#showtooltip Master Spellstone /use [nomodifier] Master Spellstone /equip [modifier:ctrl] Master Spellstone /cast [modifier:alt] Create Spellstone

This creates and use the Soulstone on your current selected target.

#showtooltip Master Soulstone /use [nomodifier ] Master Soulstone /cast [modifier:alt] Create Soulstone

Now we head on to the �aggressive� spells.

Curse of Exhaustion:
This will use the Amplify Curse and Curse of Exhaustion, which will reduce your target�s movementspeed by 50%

#showtooltip Curse of Exhaustion /cast Amplify Curse /stopcasting /cast Curse of Exhaustion

You can use Trinkets in the macros by apply /use 13 and /use 14 - this is trinketslot 1 and 2.

Use this macro when you are spamming shadowbolts.

#showtooltip Shadow Bolt /use 13 /use 14 /cast Shadow Bolt

Damage over Time:
Using this macro will apply all DoT�s which have no cast time.

/use 13 /stopcasting /use 14 /stopcasting /castsequence reset=combat/target Corruption, Siphon Life, Curse of Agony

Fear �mouseover�:
This macro fear the target which your mouse is over, If you do not have a mouseover target it will fear your current target.

#Showtooltip Fear /cast [target=mouseover] Fear; Fear

Drain Life:
This macro will help you safe mana, It will only cast Drain Life if it is not channeled.

#showtooltip Drain Life /cast [nochanneling:Drain Life] Drain Life

Drain Mana:
This macro will help you safe mana, It will only cast Drain Mana if it is not channeled.

#showtooltip Drain Mana /cast [nochanneling:Drain Mana] Drain Mana

Now we head on to pet macros.

Fast Summoning macros, these macros will only use Fel Domination if you are in combat, but will summon normal if you are not.

Summon Imp:

#showtooltip Summon Imp /cast [combat] Fel domination /stopcasting /cast Summon Imp

Summon Voidwalker:

#showtooltip Summon Voidwalker /cast [combat] Fel domination /stopcasting /cast Summon Voidwalker

Summon Succubus:

#showtooltip Summon Succubus /cast [combat] Fel domination /stopcasting /cast Summon Succubus

Summon Felhunter:

#showtooltip Summon Felhunter /cast [combat] Fel domination /stopcasting /cast Summon Felhunter

Summon Felguard:

#showtooltip Summon Felguard /cast [combat] Fel domination /stopcasting /cast Summon Felguard

Petattack/Totem kill:
This macro will order your pet to attack totems, the script runs from the bottom and up.

/petattack /petattack [target=Searing Totem] /petattack [target=Wrath of Air Totem] /petattack [target=Grounding Totem] /petattack [target=Windfury Totem] /petattack [target=Mana Spring Totem]

This macro is the best pet macro of them all, it will uptimize your gameplay by 10!, Spell lock your focus target, Seduce your mouseover target, and use Sacrifice. Ofcourse in order of which pet you use.

/focus [modifier:alt] /cast [pet:Succubus, target=mouseover] Seduction /cast [pet:Felhunter, target=focus] Spell Lock; Spell Lock /cast [pet:Voidwalker] Sacrifice; Sacrifice

Smart Devour:
Devour the members debuffs, runs from top to bottom.

/cast [pet:Felhunter] Devour Magic /cast [pet:Felhunter, target=player1] Devour Magic /cast [pet:Felhunter, target=player2] Devour Magic /cast [pet:Felhunter, target=player3] Devour Magic

Some additional macros:

Will bandage youself

/use [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage

Swap Bars:
This macro will swap between action bar 1 and 2 when pressed, very nice because warlocks use so many different spells all the time.


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