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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Arena Season 3: Personal Ratings & Equipment Requirements

Drysc took a few moments to answer a few questions about the upcoming season 3 of the arena. The new personal ratings are per person, per team and per bracket.
Your personal rating resets for that bracket if you join a new team, so you can't just pad your rating by joining new teams.
Personal ratings are not only suppose to help avoid team hopping to purchase the new rating restricted items, but also to determine end of season rewards.
To be eligible a player's personal rating on the team must be at least within 100 rating of their team's rating. This will take effect with season 3 (not season 2, since players don't currently have personal ratings).
Those of you discouraged to hear about the season 3 weapon and shoulder armor team rating requirements of 1850 and 2000 should remember:
Season 3 starts and season 3 gear has rating requirements. Season 2 drops down, no rating requirement. Season 1 goes to honor system.

Season 4 starts and season 4 gear has rating requirements. Season 3 drops down, no rating requirement. Season 2 goes to honor system, season 1 is lost to the ages.
Season 3 is schedule tentatively for patch 2.3.