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Monday, November 12, 2007

A new round of funny guild names

Adam on the WoW LJ pulled some funny guild names from the new Wowhead forums, and while I was pretty sure that funny guild names had become the oldest joke in the WoW humor book (c'mon, who hasn't heard of a guild called "Riders of Lohan" or "Gnomeland Security" by now?), there are actually some new good ones here.

RPness is Rising
The Coming of Arwang
Throbbing Gronn
Fat Kids Are Hard To Kidnap
She Said She was Lvl 18
Dont Daze Me Bro

Some of them just tend towards a more offensive taste (I've excluded a few from the list that aren't super appropriate, but there are a few still on there that might rub those with strong sensibilities the wrong way), but there is an interesting trend here-- not only are there new Outland references, but there are new references to pop culture floating around.

And that's super interesting to me-- funny guild names as indicators of cultural trends. So I guess it's about time we took another look-- in the past few months since we last listed funny guild names, what new ones have you heard? Are there any that have come about recently, due to either new WoW content, or real-world happenings?