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Thursday, November 01, 2007

How To Farm WoW Gold In World of Warcraft

Most people are asking how to farm gold in WoW. This should help you out. I will include a list on of some of the ways of farming for Warcraft gold. It is EASY! In the south, middle edge of The Badlands zone, nestled in the small valley, you can farm normal rock elements. These people seem to drop a lot of grey loot which vendors for 50 silver to 1.5 WoW gold, and they drop it at every kill. What they also drop is Elemental Earth which sells at the auction house for 1-3 WoW gold a piece. The average drop is 1 out of 17. Another way of how to farm gold in WoW, is to farm elemental slaves on the west side of Alterac mountains, for the chance to get elemental earths (1 out 15 kills). This goes for about 1-3 WoW gold a piece on AH.

You can also use elemental exiles on the southwest area of Arathi Highlands for elemental earths, which is also the same 1-3 WoW gold per earth on AH. How to farm gold in WoW is to farm in Arathi Highlands for 30 npcs of 2-6 silver each on 3-5 minute spawn timers. Times are not often camped. You could easily generate 1-5 WoW gold – even more if you are an AOE class. You can also farm in Arathi Highlands, as the alliance only, for 30-40 npcs of 2-6 silver each on 3-5 minute spawn timers. These timers are also not often camped. You could easily generate 1-5 WoW gold an hour. How to farm gold WoW? You can enter the secret scarlet monastery graveyard, in tristfall glades northwest corner of the map. This will get you a good 2 silver to 6 silver kill. Nevertheless, an AOE class can easily farm and reset the instance for outstanding 30-60 WoW gold in an hour.

Another way of how to farm gold in WoW, is to farm Warpwoods and Deadwoods for about 2-10 silver, rare herb drops. These sell around 1-5 WoW gold each. Living Essence sells for 1-1.5 WoW gold each at the Auction House. On the north side of Felwood zone near the alliance flight parth person, Warpwoods are located. The Deadwoods can be located just southwest of where the Warpwoods are. An easy 40-80 WoW gold an hour depending on AH prices. If you know how to farm gold in WoW and if you have faster dps class, then you can easily double your WoW gold per hour. Twilight hammer elites in Searing Gorge, is another way to farm. These elites are located west of the alliance/horde flight points. This is an easy 3-5 mageweave cloth per drop, and somewhere around 2silver to16silver per kill, with 9/10 silver, being the most common drop. You can undoubtedly make 10 WoW gold per hour off coin drops and around 5-20 WoW gold p/hour for the green and mageweave drops.

There are many more ways of how to farm gold in WoW. Farm the stockades in Stormwind City for easy greens and wool. It’s the best dungeon/instance to farm wool cloth because every other kill is worth 3-5 pieces of wool and there are about 100 NPCs in the instance. Don’t be alarmed when I tell you that a stack of wool can go from 77silver to 2 WoW gold at the AH. Try farming the scarlet monastery chests and locked chests for large knapsacks. These sell for 1.25-2 WoW gold. Occasionally, you will get a Blue item instead of Knapsacks. You usually get them once every 11th locked chest. Also, focus on the graveyard library and armory. NOT THE CATHEDRAL! Then you could easily get about 8 locked chests an hour and 10 regular ones. For this you’d need a rouge to lock pick or use blacksmithing and use Golden Skeleton Keys. This will require a 150 blacksmith skill.