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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fishing for World of Warcraft Gold

You have chanced upon a page from my wow gold making guide where I have chronicled my trials at making gold - World of Warcraft gold! For this entry in my Journal, my thoughts are turned to that sedate of professions that we humans call 'Fishing' and which the Horde call Ka-Splash!

As a Mage in my early levels, I thought the secondary art of Fishing a complete waste of time. Why, in Blizzards name, would anyone want to stand idly by watching his bobber - well bob? So I put aside the idea of Fishing and continued my daily grind for experience, oblivious to the gold making strategies at the end of a hook and line.

Now listen closely friend, for I'm about to impart an important gold making tip: there's Warcraft gold to be made from the secondary profession of Fishing. For just a few copper coins you can purchase the skill of fishing from many a trainer throughout the land of Azeroth. You must then purchase a fishing pole.

Now a word in your ear, Friend, for here's a tip. Don't listen to those big girls the Elves, for when it comes to fishing, size surely does matter. The bigger your fishing pole the better as this will give you an advantage. Listen instead to the Horde in this matter. 'It takes a big one to catch a big one!' It's well known that the Horde like to catch really big fish which they use as an off-hand weapon.

So, fork out and buy a Strong Fishing Pole, as this will give you a fishing advantage. It also comes in handy for beating any Murloc over the head with, should one wander by and disturb your concentration.

Now the products of fishing are- well fish. But not always, for as your skill advances your chances of catching the odd loot locker increases along with other items of use and value. The fish can be eaten raw, but provide better sustenance if cooked, greatly adding to the health and stamina qualities of the food. The smoking of Sagefish for example provides the food with Mana. Any surplus cooked fish can be sold in the Auction House or used to feed your pet.

Now it's easy to level-up the fishing profession. Just find a body of water and cast your bobber. Within a few minutes you will have caught some fish and increased in level. With increasing experience, you will be able to fish more zones (higher zones require a higher skill in fishing) and catch a wider variety of fish. Many of these fish can be cooked (thus increasing your cooking skill) or eaten, and some are required as ingredients in alchemical recipes and thus in demand in the Auction House.


Marcus-Ty said...

Fishing for World of Warcraft Gold was taken from The Journal of Marcus Ty

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