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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Some WoW Gold Tips

Just to start out here, I'll list off some good tips for getting gold in World of Warcraft while leveling up. These aren't super secret or anything, but if you follow them, you'll have a good amount of cash leveling up.

1. Don't bother with "finished product" tradeskills. Jewelcraft, Smithing, etc. They can be good once you finish them, but they suck down gold trying to level them up.

2. Pick up harvesting skills while leveling up. I like to use mining and skinning. Try and find areas where there are animals to be skinned and mining nodes. You'll make a ton of gold. Some areas I can think of off the top of my head are Hillsbrad, some ares in the wetlands, the badlands (whelps in the eastern part of the zone are amazing for mid to late 40's), durotar, and the Barrens all have some good areas. A good range of levels you can cover between those zones as well.

3. Don't bother buying great gear. If you are a melee, spend some money on a good weapon to level faster, but don't worry too much about the rest. You out level gear quickly, so spending tons of money on gear you'll be done with in a week is kind of stupid. Just get decent greens and be happy with it.

4. Sell your skins and ores at the auction house. This should go without saying, but I watched a friend of mine vendoring it :/

5. Don't turn your ores into bars. They sell better as ore.

6. Sell most gear at the auction house, it'll net your more than vendors. But be smart about it. Think if anybody would actually use it. A cloth item with agility and strength isn't useful to anybody.

7. Solo. Obviously, group up for fun and learn how to play as a group player, but as far as cash is concerned, solo is way better. As long as you are skinning and mining you will make way more than you will from instances. And while you can get some good gear in instances, refer to point 3. You'll shortly out level it.

That's pretty much it for getting gold while leveling up in World of Warcraft. That's all I did and I had enough gold to buy my mount 4 times over when I dinged 40 (back when the mounts were the expensive part, not the training). I had friends who weren't even close to buying their mount by level 40.