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Saturday, November 03, 2007

9 Tips For WoW Gold Guide

1. Predict the Market. You can keep your crystal ball in the closet: All you need for this is a bit of creative thinking, an affinity for patch notes, and my WoW Gold Guide of course! For instance, if the notes claim that a new instance is about to open, and you suspect it's going to require Arcane Resistance, stocking on Arcane Resistance Potions, Trinkets, Materials and Items would be a very wise thing to do. Chances are they prices will rocket at some point, even if not immediately.
2. Be Patient Buying. Often, greedy players place items for anywhere between 200%-1000% of what they normally go for, and buying them is a bad choice. Set the maximum price you're willing to pay and wait patiently for the price to return to normal.
3. Be Patient Selling. So you found an epic you're dying to sell so you can get shiny gold. That's great! Just don't jump on the first offer you get. The fact is, the more time you advertise, the more offers you get and the higher the sell price will be. If you get reasonable offers, ask them nicely to wait while you check other options.
4. Bargain. Much has been said and written about this skill; fortunately, most players aren't shrewd businessmen. The best way to lower prices would be to act like you don't care. Many times I've said no to offers, and got desperate whispers 2 minutes later with a half price offer. Impatient sellers will sell at a low price.
5. Use Auctioneer. This is probably the most important tip. Auctioneer scans all the items in the auction house, allowing you to know the market price of items, find bargains and sell them for twice the price and what not. I could write a book on this one, but we need to keep it short and to the point. Get Auctioneer here.
6. Stock. Anything that you suspect might have any value in the future should be kept. Don't skimp out on storage, you can have many storage alts with tons of bags and bank space on each.
7. Know Prices. When selling an item, players will sometimes offer you only a portion of what it's worth, hoping you don't know the actual price. This goes for buying as well. If auctioneer can't tell you, use online databases.
8. Get Skills. Exclusive skills are goldmines. Patterns that no one else has will make you rich, but not only those. Check the auction house regularly for differences between raw materials and usable items. For instance, the materials for a Mooncloth bag can cost 5g, while the bags go for 8g. That's 3g for the click of a button. Be sure not to put up too many, or you will lower the prices.
9. Don't spend it till you're "wealthy". This might be hard for some, but the big money comes from "investing" money. Say you find a great pattern in AH for 3000g. It might be worth 5 times that in future earnings, but you won't have the money to buy it. The point is that with more money you have more options to capitalize.


Marcus Ty said...

Thanks for the great tips. My 23 Alliance warrior is maxed out on all his professions (Mining and Blacksmithing) and is currently running with 250g and some loose change!

I share my tips of the Auction House in The Journal of Marcus Ty -gold Making Guide which is free to subscribe to.

For the Alliance!