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Monday, November 26, 2007

Seven Must Know Gold Tips For World of Warcraft Newbies

These tips below are really focused towards the new World of Warcraft player. With the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion on the way we will see an increase in brand new players and I haven’t really seen any good information out there for them. Read on for the tips in no specific order.

Vendor Trash Is Your Friend

I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t like to be friends with trash but you are missing the point. (Almost) Every time you kill something in WoW you will probably get some items that have grey text. These items are vendor trash, which sell to the vendors for money. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Become One With The Gold

I know that sounds very deep but it really isn’t at all. All it really means is to always have World of Warcraft gold on your mind whenever you are playing. That will help you decide if what you are doing will actually help increase your gold or not.


Whenever I hear the word grinding I always think of boring but yet it can sometimes be a vital part of obtaining World of Warcraft gold. There are many ways to spruce it up a little bit and one of those ways is to play some music, movies, or talk to friends while grinding. Also sometimes following a grinding guide can also help spruce up the art of grinding.

Don’t Purchase Armor or Weapons From Vendors

I am hoping that you pretty well knew this one. We all see the in game vendors that sell items for extremely high prices and the items are almost always crap. So don’t waste your hard earned gold on these. They will only make you broke in the end.

Have Maximum Amount of Storage

This one really goes hand in hand with the vendor trash one but can really be applied to any method that you use to make WoW gold. It’s yet another simple tip since it is obvious that having more space in your inventory will allow you to gather more items that you can sell. Still you really need to keep in mind what level you are as it will have an impact on the size of bags you will buy. For example if you are level 5 I doubt you have enough gold to purchase 4 Traveler’s Backpacks which sell for around 10 gold a piece.

Limited Supply Items Are A Must

I have used this strategy over and over again to make tons of World of Warcraft gold since I first learned about it. You can check out more in-depth information about limited supply items by checking out this guide: How To Make Easy WoW Gold Using Limited Supply Items.

Farming Instances

Now this is a bit more complex but if you have a high level friend that will run you through the low level instances it can be a great way to get more linen cloth as well as green items and even find some good armor for yourself. If you don’t have a high level friend don’t worry because there always seems to be a bored level 60 character around to help out the lowbies!

Those are just a few tips that I find useful for new World of Warcraft players. We all know that gold is important in game and if you don’t have any it can really spell trouble for you. Don’t worry though if you follow these tips described above you will not have very little gold troubles!


Marcus Ty said...

In my World of Warcraft Gold Guide I always recommend that you try to align your gathering profession with a crafting profession. This way you will gather all you need for your crafting and have some to spare for profit at the Auction House.

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