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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

World of Warcraft: Valentine's in November

2.4 Combat Log Changes

Iriel (Blizzard MVP) posted about a complete overhaul of the combat log in 2.4. Slouken (Blue Poster) confirmed it and posted a preview at the combat log changes yesterday. With these, the old combat events are no longer generated, all existing combat log AddOns will need to be rewritten.

The combat logging mechanism is completely overhauled with explicit data instead of text strings delivered to the UI. See slouken's post below for a sneak-peak at some of the current details. Highlights include detailed flags indicating relationship of involved units to player, unique identifiers for units with the same name within the combat log -- great for log analysis.

Combat Log Revamp!
In 2.4 the combat log is being completely reimplemented so that it sends events with arguments instead of text strings to the UI code.
The old combat events are no longer generated. All existing combat log AddOns will need to be rewritten.


Daily Blue

2.3 Known Issues list (src)

Hortus posted a list (rather long) of known issues that will be fixed in upcoming patches (2.3.1 and/or 2.3.2). You read about them here.

Arena: Season 4 (src)

The personal rating requirement will only apply to season 3 items when season 3 begins (season 2 wont be affected), also there is a possibility when season 4 comes out that requirements for season 3 will get removed.

Live Servers: Blind and Stoneform (src)

There are no plans to change Stoneform so it can dispel Blind like it did pre-2.3.

Armory Issue (src)

We currently have a database issue that is preventing talents from properly updating and it is being worked on. If other aspects of the armory are not updating then I need to know so that it can be properly investigated.

Sneak Peek at Valentine's Day

A player "Mushuu" (Bonechewer server) is a packrat that still has all his stuff from the previous Valentine's day (February 14) in-game holiday. Upon opening the pledge of adoration gift box this week, he saw that it had been re-seeded like new, including new items that are presumably intended to be introduced this next year, including a rare permanent picnic basket and a new rocket named "Love Rocket" that makes a heart effect. Thanks Cento for the info.

Romantic Picnic Basket: Its a permanent item, much like the card games, 3 min cooldown

Valentine's Day buff: The basked gives you a "buff" while you wait for somenoe else to click, once they do you get a new one, saying your enjoying a romantic picnic
Valentine buff

The best of all, Love Rocket: Its like engineer rockets, with a heart decoration when it goes boom